How to make your smoothie bowl experience go more smoothly

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last year years, you’ve no doubt seen a flurry of smoothie bowls appear on every social media known to man. Extravagant, unattainable, expensive smoothie bowls the size of tractor wheels, everywhere.

As gorgeous as they are, are they really practical? Can they slot into daily life? Does anyone not get bored of spooning in literal gallons of the goopy stuff?

Yes! Yes yes!

Despite the spectacular works of art that foodbloggers spend hours at work on – you CAN make smoothie bowls part of your every day regime! You don’t have to use a tonne of fruit, or expensive toppings.

Look at my examples above – each one probably took a grand total of 5 minutes. Sure they aren’t extravagant and groundbreaking – but they’re simple, convenient, healthy, and delicious!

Here are my top tips for super easy, simple, and inexpensive smoothie bowls:

  1. I choose little bowls, even ramekins, so that I don’t feel like I’m skimping on my breakfast, but also so that I don’t get bored of eating a massive portion. Plus, I just don’t need that much sugar in the morning. There’s no need to fill your pasta bowls! PLUS if I know I’ve controlled my portion size in this, then there’s all the more reason to have an extra side of cake.
  2. Freeze your fruit! Buy it pre frozen, freeze it, whatever. You can buy frozen mango from Tesco amongst loads of other fruits, and they are fantastic as a base alongside banana in any smoothie. Then various different berries can add the colour! Also, blending frozen fruit means it feels like you’re eating an ice cream for breakfast. Just make sure your blender is strong enough to handle it!
  3. Store toppings in bulk – chia seeds, desiccated coconut, nuts, seeds, cheap granola – store brand, damaged packaging, in loose packets – you can put them in cute little pots in your cupboard and it won’t make a difference! My mum always kept a tonne of toppings in the cupboard (also an avid foodie, she was way ahead of me in the smoothie game) and by keeping it at just a pinch of each per day, they would last over a month per pack!
  4. Don’t spend money on fancy powders to put in your smoothies unless you know you’ll love them and they won’t be a waste of money – green powders etc sound great in theory but are often disgusting and overpowering – it’s a lot cheaper to simply throw in some spinach, avocado or basil and do it yourself.
  5. Made too much? Freeze it and use it as sorbet!

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