My name is Madalena, I live in the UK, and I love food!

I originally started posting all my food on Instagram, as everyone else seemed to – until it became blatantly clear that my love of posting these photos was far more specific and enthusiastic than most! My Instagram quickly filled up with recipes, restaurant food, bits and pieces that I had picked up from the supermarket that I loved – if I ate it, it was on there! From there ‘basicallyafoodblog’ (my original Instagram name) was born, after countless occasions of me and others describing it as such. It cut down on time explaining myself, with the title being entirely and accurately descriptive!

After ‘basicallyafoodblog’ became a thing, I started to think – maybe I wanted more than ‘basically’ a food blog – maybe I could start a real, official food blog. Spurred on by others encouragement and my own capability of constantly being hungry – here we are!

At this early stage its really just a bit of everything – I’ll post recipes that I’ve made, recipes that I’ve followed and loved, fantastic restaurants, and everything. 

I come from Italian and Swedish heritage, with fantastic food coming from both countries, and my foodie family have moulded me to become who I am! 

I’m also a student – so despite the fact that all my money 100% goes on food, you won’t be seeing any 5 star restaurants nor will I be cooking any lobster – all my food is easy, cheap, and cheerful (and hopefully tasty too)! 
So there we are – I’m officially a foodie!

A gorgeous assortment of semi devoured food (was too good not to eat before taking a photo!) from ZhenJiang, China


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